Vitrocsa Sliding Window

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Mart 12, 2024

The minimalist Vitrocsa Sliding window is the slimmest and highest performing on the world market.

Vitrocsa is the creator of the world’s slimmest, most sophisticated minimal window, designed with Swiss watchmaking precision for ambitious architectural projects.

Vitrocsa Sliding Window

Precision engineering

Artisanal approach.

Vitrocsa’s revolutionary design conceals frames and componentry within the architecture. The system is locally manufactured and customised for each individual project.

Minimal design. Maximum view.

Embedded within the tracks, Vitrocsa’s patented stainless steel bearings enable the movement of monolithic glass panels of up to 18m2 and 1.2t per pane.

Flush floor tracks, starting at only 32mm wide, create a distinctly seamless finish, eliminating sightlines and maximising the view. 18mm blade-thin interlocks are highly engineered to provide enduring strength. Available in single, double and triple glazing.

Sliding options


Smooth sliding operation can be achieved with a radius as small as 2.5 metres. Numerous tracks, for multiple panels, can be curved to create enormous, rounded openings. Available in single or double glazing.

Pocket cavity

Vitrocsa Sliding Window Panels can be stacked within a designated wall cavity, externally or internally. Vitrocsa’s solution means entire glass walls can be concealed from view, completely opening the space.

Corner junction

Designed to create a highly sealed, extremely minimal vertical corner junction, open panels slide away to leave no visible element or mechanics.


Full-height sliding panels can be configured with a balustrade, instantly creating a balcony within a space.

Vitrocsa Sliding Window

Sliding additions

Invisible track

Tracks are completely concealed below the floor finish, seamlessly integrating inside and outside spaces. Hidden engineered drainage efficiently carries water away.


Vitrocsa Sliding panels can be automated for ease of use. Generally utilised for larger panels weighing up to 1.2t, motorisation allows entire glass walls to disappear with the push of a button.

Maximum glass panel size : 18m2

Maximum glass panel weight: 1.2T

Interlock width : 18mm

Minimum track width : 32mm