Structural Glass Systems

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renkli pvb lamine cam
mekan için renkli lamine cam

Es-Color: Our product is coloured laminated glass panels. It uses Es-color colourful PVB interlayer. According to stock status, EVA or UVK Lamine colourants can be produced on a project basis. Coloured Lamine Glass also has PVB thickness of 1.52mm. It is more accurate than all the coloured laminated glass manufacturers have extra-clear of glass. Colours will show themselves clearly.

şişecam ısıcam

Our heat-insulated glass provides a precise solution for your space in winter and summer weather conditions. It can be manufactured in 2 or 3 layers. Along with glass products with a coated surface, you can provide very substantial savings. Es-Therm is used in every region of Turkey.

reflekte cam kaplama
güneş enerji camı

Our solar control glass Various coated surfaces are glass panes from which we produce project-based production obtained from qualified glass obtained from glass manufacturers. Es-Sun protects you perfectly when the sun is very intense and passes over the building at steep angles. While you are comfortable in the interior, it prevents fading in your products. When you consider the architectural solutions and the mechanical elements of the Es-Sun solar control glass, your progeny significantly reduces operating costs.

akustik izolasyon camı
yüksek db tutucu cam

Es-Acoustics: In a crowded city, on the street or in a factory or in a high decibel environment, there is a way to get yourself in silent mode, you might be able to replace the windows of your room with Es-Acoustic. We provide silence of your room up to 35 dB of 52 dB. If you are disturbing the noise in your place Noise is useful to question your glasses.


pvb lamine cam

Es-Protector. :
This is our product laminated safety glass. Almost every glass nowadays is laminating. PVB, EVA, UVK, TPU, etc. are used. Es-Protector. The quality of the Lamine safety glass is high and the quality of the process is first class safety glass. Es-Protect is the only safety measure in glass breaks. Your use will take you to safety.

silk screen glass
ipek baskılı cam

Es-Point: Serigraphy is our printed glass. Tempered glass in RAL colours and desired despeckle prints can be tempered. It is often used in parapet front windows, but in some interior applications, it is also confused. Our Es-Point silk-screen printed glass offers you alternative manufacturing in your architectural solutions.

taşıyıcı cam zemin
yatay konum yürüme camı

Step: Our step glass is produced as multi-layer laminated glass at the highest quality. Step glass is a structural glass used in the horizontal position, which can be used safely in floor slabs, stair steps, roof skylights.

cam desen
desenli dekorasyon camı

Ornamental: These glasses are patterned sandy and decorative glass. The varieties are quite extensive. It is usually used in single thickness braces. In the interior, inside doors, in kitchens, ceilings and many other interior decorating purposes such as the 4mm 12mm patterned glass are used.

cam kolonlu cephe kaplama
cam kolon taşıyıcı

Fin: Our glass column systems are the fin glass we use for columns. Our company which is expert in glass column systems is one of the indispensable products in structural glass projects. Mx. It can be produced up to 12m.

yüksek mukavemtli lamine cam
High-End Laminated Safety Glass

Hel-Sgp: High-End Laminated Safety Glass Lamine glass is 10 times more reinforced than normal PVB. It is used in outdoor places such as glass railings, glass projects at the seaside, in the sight of vehicles such as Yacht, Boat Ships, Zoo, Train Stations and everywhere where high safety is required.

Özel ısıtmalı cam
Elektrik Isıtmalı Cam

Es-Resistance: This glass product is used on the roofs of the construction projects in cold climatic conditions and on the floor coverings, façade panels. In areas of extreme snowfall, electrical snow is very effective in self-melting and removing snowfall.

Gigital printing glass
Digital Baskılı Cam

Es-Dgp: Digital Glass Printing is a glass pane that we print out on the glass that our customers need, such as pictures, tables, designs, printed with high resolution in high quality. They are high quality digital printed glass. Every subject can be processed.

Çok fonksiyonlu ısı yalıtımlı cam

Mig: Multifunctional insulated glass pane. This product is a glass that contains various features needed in a glass. MIG glass panels are specially manufactured glass that brings project-based solutions that can have high quality and many qualities.

Nano glass Surface
Süper Temiz Kalıcı Cam Yüzey

Es-Nano: Super Clean Glasses. With our nanotechnology, cleaning of glass panes and super brightening, our chemical glass surface cleaning product with 2-year warranty application is our product. Otters, shopping centres, are used extensively in homes.

Anti Reflective Glass
Özel Yansıma yapmayan cam

Es-Proview: No reflection Glass: This glass product provides a professional appearance and is usually used in shop windows, hospital observation rooms, airports, offices, and non-reflecting glass. When you look at Cama, you will not see the reflections of the objects you have left behind. It is impossible for you to see yourself as a mirror effect.

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