Turkey Pergola Systems

Ağustos 26, 2023

What is Turkey Pergola Systems ?
The word pergola comes from the Latin word “pergule”, which means fringe. In Italian, it means “pergola”, that is, shade. With the pergola system, horizontal, twisted and roof-shaped openings are used in the process. Of closing with awnings. Pergola systems protect you from the sun, especially in summer as sunshades. In addition, thanks to the system’s retractable roof and waterproof feature,

It will protect you from rain in rainy weather. You can turn your pergola awning system into a collapsible state by closing the glass. Around your pergola awning system at any time. Thus, you can stay in your garden under your pergola awning in winter time.

What Does It Do? Turkey Pergola Systems
Turkey Pergola Systems especially serve as sunshades. In addition, it is in the form of a collapsible roof and protects. It from rain thanks to its waterproof feature. It can also be used as a winter garden when the bottom of the awning. Is covered with glass with the pergola system.

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Where is Pergola Used?

Pergola systems, which enable to integrate gardens and balconies more as living spaces. Are especially used in these areas. The pergola, which is frequently preferred in gardens, protects the gardens. From cold and rainy weather and provides a garden area that the homeowners. Can use at all times. Turkey Pergola Systems

What are the Pergola Production Stages?
Pergola systems are produced with materials that are suitable for the season and climatic conditions. Of the region and determined according to the load to be lifted. Pergola systems should also be designed in accordance with the model and color. Characteristics of the area where it will be built. Turkey Pergola Systems

What are Pergola Materials?
Although they are produced with wood or aluminum type materials, the collapsible models. Produced with aluminum material are more preferred due to their long life.

In Which Sections Is Pergola Used?
These systems are preferred in verandas, breakfast rooms, cafeterias, restaurants and restaurants. Summer or winter gardens in the open air, pools and many other places. And the desired area can be opened and closed according to demand.

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Pergola Prices? – What are the Pergola Costs?

Turkey Pergola Systems prices vary according to the material used. At the same time, the fact that the space does not incur. Additional costs for the area or installation is among the main factors that determine the price. Pergola prices are determined by the quality of the material to be used. Since the needs of each customer will be different, it would be wrong to write the price of the pergola here exactly. Instead, you can get more detailed information about the pergola system and learn about the current pergola prices by contacting us from our contact addresses.

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