Our structural glazing systems desing by intellegent engeneering department. We produce high quality glazing project for costum made.

Glass Roof

Villa Üzeri Cam Çatı

ESUVA glass roof systems are tailor-made and offer a full range of options. Continual quality control and the use of tried and tested brand fabrics with up to 100% UV protection guarantee maximum safety and functionality. Let yourself be inspired and choose from over 400 cover designs and thousands of colour combinations.


Astoria Cam Saçakları

Glass canopy has become the latest craze in the exterior decoration market and are especially being lapped by office decorators, as they add an edgy, modern twist to the architectural design of a building. The aluminum and glass awning is generally added to the entrance of a building to provide cover from inclement weather for visitors or guests stuck outside the building. Its great efficacy lies in its being completely impervious to all kinds of weather.
Being transparent, glass and metal canopy also allows enough sunlight to light up a place, improving the overall appearance and design of your building. Allow natural light fill up the space beyond the house while ensuring that the glass canopy looks snazzy and cool at the same time. Generally transparent and clear glass is preferred; however, if you are feeling more adventurous, stained or tinted glass is the way to go.


Çelik Taşıyıcılı cam merdiven

Building glass stairs and staircases with glass parts is a big challenge for fabricators and designers. By using special architectural glass which is chemically treated, tempered and laminated it is possible to get the required strength to hold the weight of itself and the people walking on it. Straight and curved glass stairs and railings can be used for private and commercial projects. Therefore the stair can span over several floors and reach a width of up to 3 meters.


Cam oda , cam ile yapılan tek göz mekanlar

ESUVA Interior provides products and solutions that help create ideal balance between function and aesthetics, particularly with respect to the interior architecture of small offices and office units, professional practices, agencies and home offices. Its applications feature spatial efficiency, transparency, smooth transitions between spaces, comfort and flexibility


Diogonal Cam Kolon dikmeler ve cam cephe

The use of Esuva in a glass mullion system enables the specifier to produce vertical glass curtain walls, canopies and skylights.
Glass mullions are used as support for maximum transparency and to transfer wind, snow and self-weight loading to the structure. Lamglas have led the way in the development and testing of this new technology having based it upon technology established in the 1985’s for use with the Esuva Suspended Assembly.
Vertical structures of this type are usually suspended from the head structure above – with the glass panels fastened to the mullions by esuva fittings. By supporting the facade in this manner it is possible to span distances as high as 17m and perhaps further still. Esuva engineers are also able to protect against lateral torsional buckling of these glass mullions, drawing upon a wealth of experience and laboratory test results.


Paslanmaz dikmeler ile cephe taşıyıcı

Various forms of steel structures can be used to support a Esuva façade. The design of these structures can be varied and either simple – in the form of mullions, or intricate, in the form of trusses. The versatility of Esuva connections enables almost any type of structure to be used.


cable net sistem kablolu cam cephe

Esuva T.S is yet another of the company’s unique innovations which formally combine the back-up system and the glass into one sole source system. This enables Lamglas to guarantee the delivery and performance of the complete façade, in addition to the total compatibility of the glass with the support structure.
There are three generic types of tension structures, using different combinations of trusses and rigging. However past projects have combined tension structures with steel truss work and even glass mullions and in truth, the possibilities are endless.

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