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ESUVA is currently one of the leading facade manufacturers for over 17years, constantly evolving and growing inTurkey and is ranked first Among the leading companies.
This success to continuous self-development, R &D efforts, and many innovationsin the sector. ESUVA quickly became a pioneering and renowned name in the field of Architectural Glass and Metal work thanks to the determination of its highly qualified staff and the far-sighted vision of its management. For your International Project please contact with us.

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The company has the full capability in terms of turnkey design, fabrication and installation of its entire range of products and is able to provide engineering solutions to a wide range of design problems.
All work is executed in-house by teams of qualified and experienced technicians and site-staff. We have close place around 7.000 M2 dominated by the latest technology over this we have our own Glass factory which is around 10.000 M2 for manufacturing and producing all types of high quality glass standard and this is giving us a significant advantages compared to our competitors in this industry .


Residential and commercial glass industry. The company will continue to expand its vast expertise, Esuva Company is committed to providing top notch products and exceptional service in the seeking nothing less than being the market leader in its domain. Also continuously strive for excellence through the essential principles of commitment, innovation, quality and trust, in addition to utilizing the latest technologies and recruiting skilled professionals. Our vision is led by innovation, maintained by persistence and crafted with excellence.
Our standards are based oninternationalaccepted procedures. From engineering designof the projectuntil completion, constantlyrevisedand auditedbusiness processlevel, implementation plans, procedures, specifications,by complying withbest practicesby makingour customerssatisfiedthe goal ofpolicybyadoptingtableware.
Every engineeringdetailincompleted andongoing projectsconstantly questioned, monitored, analyzed, innovative engineering solutionsformore effective resultsarecontinually researched anddeveloped.

In addition to offering quality materials and service at competitive prices, excellent customer service is another pillar of our philosophy. We collaborate closely with our customers in order to successfully achieve our common vision. Whatever your requirements may be, our team will cater customized solutions to meet your specific needs. ESUVA does not only offer you tailor-made solutions before and during the execution of projects, it also grants you piece of mind through its premium after sales service.to achieve company goals environment whereemployes can contribute fully manage and protect the environment, ESUVA membersat all levels to be aware of what constitutes organizations and their abilityt oparticipate fully to the success of the quality of ESUVA use
All processes to the success of the quality objectives, to define it asa system, is to understandand manage, Our customers, our employees and our suppliers based on mutual satis faction with the quality ofour understanding make more effective every day.

Health and safety of employes are the most important fundamentals of Esuva Professional ethical perception. Therefore, continuous efforts are made to provide a suitable environment for protecting and improving healt hand safety of the work force in all operational are a sandt integrate these efforts into the corporate culture as an in separable part of all business processes.
Policies regarding health and safety management and continuous precaution against possible risks proves ESUVA commitment to its employees and in return constantly enhanceloyalty of the employees to the company.







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