SIBALUX steel composite panels

Temmuz 7, 2023

SIBALUX Composite Panel Advantages of SIBALUX steel composite panels:

It can be used as a window frame without fire boxes.

Steel is able to withstand enormous loads, which other materials cannot. Any climatic and chemical influences are not able to change the structure for decades.

They perfectly protect the wall from strong winds and chemical suspensions, ultraviolet radiation. And temperature extremes. They are ideal for high-rise and industrial buildings. It is almost impossible to find a replacement for them.

Has a great service life.

The operating temperature range ranges from 50 degrees below zero to plus eighty.

Perfect surface smoothness. You will never see warping that occurs due to temperature changes.

You can fasten the panels with a riveted method, that is, in sheet form. Thus, there is an opportunity to save money without sacrificing quality.

A polymer coating can permanently protect the surface of your facade from corrosion and rust.

Such panels can easily withstand a temperature of. One thousand four hundred degrees (aluminum begins to melt at six hundred degrees). That is why steel panels are recommended for industrial plants.

 Applications of steel composite panels: SIBALUX Composite Panel

On the facades of high-rise buildings.

On facades exposed to high wind loads.

As a material for window framing without fire boxes.

As a facade cladding material, in case of installation not in cassettes, but in sheets, with rolled edges.

On the inner corners of the facade of the building in cases where. The opening is located at a distance of 1.2 m from the inner corner.

Facing bay windows and balconies and making cornices.

As a material for facing entrance groups.

For the manufacture of canopies, canopies and roofs of buildings.

As an advertising and facing material used at objects of increased fire risk. (Gas stations, gas distribution stations and product pipelines).

As a material for the interior decoration of special vehicles (caravans and cargo vans, refrigeration units).

In road construction (lining of tunnels, toll booths, traffic police posts, at various road facilities).

The inner surface of stationary refrigerating chambers, furniture and interior of catering units and food storage chambers.

Production of advertising and image structures installed and operating in difficult climatic conditions. SIBALUX Composite Panel

Steel composite panels  SIBALUX STEEL A2  have been tested and approved. For use on the frame of window openings – side and top slopes and ebbs, on high-rise buildings. Installation is possible both in cassette and sheet way.