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Vakko Headquarter
Made by Our Glazing Team.

VAKKO FASHION CENTER By slumping a structural “X” into each pane, the glass’s strength is increased, its need for perimeter mullions is eliminated, and its thickness is reduced.

The result is an ultra-thin sheath of glass that wraps the existing skeleton. This ethereal “Saran Wrap” subtly reveals the pre-existing concrete skeleton and suggests the Showcase behind.

Whereas the Annenberg Center’s Ring was a fragile, post-tensioned concrete structure which depended upon the robust, steel interior for support, Vakko/Power’s existing Ring is painfully over-designed, the byproduct of numerous, deadly earthquakes in Turkey.

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vakko fasion center
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Our Speciality

  • Quality İnterior Glazing


    We know wht interior architects wants from a glazing company for their best glass desing .

  • Special Glass Works


    For us very important who knows the quality glazing works for work with us.

  • Time scheudle


    Time for projects start wiht our desing idea for glazing systems

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