Nisan 22, 2024

HYLINE HY50 SLIM With an innovative vision of working with glass and aluminum. Transforming them into premium products. HYLINE took its first steps in 2014.

Specialising in the luxury sector, HYLINE HY50 SLIM products bring sophistication and. Elegance to our projects. Private homes, hotels, restaurants, and public buildings are the main works featuring. Innovative products created by HYLINE, aiming to immerse us in how we live and experience the surrounding environment.

Carpentry and glass are viewed as true crafts, and our professionals produce. Each window with the same dedication given to creating works of art.

How does HYLINE HY50 SLIM  consolidate its focus on its customers’ objectives? Here are the main pillars:

Introducing a minimalist concept with premium products that adds exclusivity to your project.

Focusing on complete customer satisfaction, emphasising proximity and daring to accept challenging projects.

Investing in a dedicated Innovation and Development team capable of creating and. Optimising personalised solutions perfectly aligned with each project’s concept.

With an entrepreneurial and bold attitude, HYLINE has gained the trust of reputable. Partnerships, increasingly consolidating markets with reference works distributed across all corners of the world.


HY50 is designed to transcend spaces, enveloping them with sophistication and unparalleled design. With the slimmest and finest central mullion on the market and an integrated. Floor option, this system presents itself without obstacles between the exterior and interior space. A confident choice for projects that demand bold performances. HY50 offers the pinnacle of acoustic and thermal performance. With the capacity for double or triple glazing, this system delivers. Excellent thermal and acoustic performance.

HYLINE HY50 SLIM  is more than just a window – it is a masterpiece of design and innovation. Choose HY50 for a project that goes beyond expectations.

Dedication: Assertive attitude in meeting deadlines and the professionalism we instill in all processes with customers and stakeholders.

Proximity: We are characterized by our availability to customers, partners, and constant follow-up on all projects.

Innovation: We invest in research, testing, and prototyping, resulting in differentiating products perfectly tailored to market needs.

 Sustainability: Through resource optimisation, waste reduction, and the implementation of processes that allow us to continue preserving the world and improving the working conditions of our teams, as well as the energy preservation underlying high-performance products.

Integrity: We conduct our actions with transparency, honesty, and ethics.

Team Spirit: We accept the specificity of each person and value everyone’s ideas. We promote an environment where everyone feels integrated and motivated to share their. Ideas and give their best.