Nisan 20, 2024

Forster profile systems, one of the leading companies producing doors and Windows. Was founded in Arbon, Switzerland in 1874.  With sales offices and representatives of the 70 active sales network in the country Forster.  Turkey’s representative has completed many prestigious projects to RI.

Economic with Forster Presto profile system without heat insulation,

Outdoor heat insulated with thermal insulated profile system,

Covered facade and roof skylight with curtain pephe profile system Thermfix.vario and Thermfix.light,

With the fire-resistant and smoke-tight profile system Fuego.light, a glazed fire door and glazed fire compartment are produced.

Forster profile systems  Profiles can be produced in galvanized steel and stainless steel. AISI 304 quality. Surface finish is saturated after manufacture or electrostatic powder paint in desired . Ral color is made. All hinges, locks, handles, gaskets and accessories are provided with Forster profiles. Produced doors and windows are thermal insulation, dissolved joinery system. With air-sound-water tightness.

CEPHE® wants professionals to see the aesthetic difference, reliability and. Quality of the joinery produced with Forster profile systems.

Forster profile systems  Glass panes, glass fire doors, which are produced with.  Forster profile systems, have visual superiority and carry the depth of natural light. To indoor spaces, give architects freedom of design in their projects. CEPHE® glass fire doors are manufactured in accordance with BS, DIN and EN norms. And provide full protection in fire. Doors are suitable for all automatic and manual lock and controlled access systems.  Glass fire doors can be produced in different sizes and designs. It is possible to reduce the risk of fire by using. Panic escape lock, panic bar, smoke detector, smoke proof gaskets.

 CEPHE® glass fire doors provide fire resistance. For 120, 90 and 60 minutes. With CEPHE® glass fire doors, material damage. And loss of life caused by fire and smoke are prevented. Glazed fire doors and glazed fire compartments are integrated with fire extinguishing systems by connecting to building automation and fire alarm system.

The advantage of Forster profile systems  natural light and glass windows are used in all buildings, residences, hotels, hospitals, schools, dormitories, workplaces and all similar buildings, stairways, elevator lobbies, fire halls and escape corridors.

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