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What is Mean of CEPHE

CEPHE is a registreted name and logo as Turkish word and mean is FACADE. Cephe brand produce best building’s facades since 2006 under CEPHE brand.

How many Project you Have Done ?

12 countries 420 project more than 2.000.000 SQM facade project complated all around world. Since 1998

Facade Works mostly asking questions

There are mostly asking question below to check before contact us. 

Where Do you Produce All Products?

Our systems and products are manufactured in various factories. Each manufacturer is factories with its own investments in its own product. It is impossible to manufacture Facade Systems components in a single factory or brand.

How is Glass Production Factory for Facade

The glass factory we work in is a modern factory with the best quality European glass processing machinery and equipment with a total investment of 3.5 million Euro as a closed production area of 10.000m2.(workers 55person  in glass production)

How is Aluminium Facade Processing Factory

The Aluminium Processing factory we work in is a technical factory with the best moder metal processing machinery and equipment with a total investment of 1 million Euro as a closed production area of 2.000m2.(workers 15person  in glass production)

Do you Sale Sepreta Parts for Facade

 Yes. We sale some of facade companents for construction companies all around world. 

Can you Sent us a Team for Installation

Sometimes we sent our installation team for construction companies for their facade glazing works

How we can work together for a project?

For work a project firtly we need DWG files and Technical Specesification File to check all project. Than we will discous on the project about your requarements.

Do you Make Small Project Like Villa ?

Yes. We work on apartment glazing windows or villa project or home glazing and facade works are welcome.

Can you Support us by Project Detail Works

If you are a construction company and need your facade desing we can work together. Detils and Statics ect.

Do You Supply for ROOF Systems?

Some of roof materials we can supply : ZINC, GLASS, SKYLIGTH, ROOF WINDOW ect.

Can You Supply for us Other Materials of Construction?

During the constrcution work, we supply to make more faster finish of the buidlng we supply marbel, drywall, entrance revolving doors, stairs,facade xps panles, wooden thermo panels, terra cotta , zinc panels ect.

Have you List of Sales Materials?

Please visit our shop pages for what we can sale to you contruction works from Turkey.