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CEPHE is a leading construction contracting company specializing in building exterior shells that provide turnkey solutions from concept to project completion. We offer a wide variety of options aside from conventional facade, glazing and cladding.

CEPHE combines new materials, technology, energy, environmental protection and energy conversation with the determination of realizing ‘’Low Carbon, Function and Safety’’. Such services include glass & aluminium curtain walls, double-skin curtain walls, ecologically friendly curtain walls, photovoltaic curtain walls, and standing seam roofing systems.
CEPHE also provides ancillary products related to curtain wall systems including skylights, canopy systems, solar shading systems, balustrades, fire doors, energy-saving aluminium door and window systems and standing seam


Our Facade Experince History

For 23 years, from 1998 to 2021, our business is Facade design, Development, Fabrication, assembly and repair. For more than 40 years, we know how building facades are installed in a healthy and safe way.In the meantime, we sell any kind of facade solutions parts for construction companies in other countries.

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Energetic Team CEPHE takes into account all project requirements before implementing installation on or off-site, generating a planning and risk assessment based on the project details, and the method statement specifically made out for the project to be erected. Installation crew being trained by CEPHE’s supervisors is mostly provided locally, but in case of any additional workmanship needed, CEPHE has always options to provide required trained personnel.

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